function [fhand fname] = arg2funct(n_or_h)

% Returns both function handle and name from an ambiguous arg % % [FHAND FNAME] = ARG2FUNCT(N_OR_H) % % N_OR_H could be either a function name string OR a % function handle - whichever it is, this will return % both, for you to process as necessary. % % This way, you can leave it up to your % user to feed in whichever’s easiest for them, and this % will give you back both from the ambiguous argument.

if isempty(n_or_h) error(‘You fed in an empty function name/handle’) end

switch(class(n_or_h)) case ‘function_handle’ fhand = n_or_h; fname = func2str(n_or_h); case ‘char’ % check for common user boobs if strmatch(n_or_h,get_typeslist(‘single’),’exact’) error(‘It looks like you”ve fed in an OBJTYPE instead of FUNCTION handle/name’); end

% check to see whether a function (well, anything, really) % called n_or_h exists if ~exist(n_or_h) error(‘No function called %s exists’,n_or_h); end % this will run without an error, even if there’s no such function fhand = str2func(n_or_h); fname = n_or_h;

otherwise error(‘You have fed in a function argument that is neither a function handle nor the string name of a function’); end

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